An interview with Irya and Pange in Sveriges Radio – P4 PREMIÄR

You should write a book about your life! That question Irya’s Playground often gets.

Irya and Pange are the couple that forms Irya’s Playground. The interview; P4 premier
It began somewhere around 2003 when the singer Irya Gmeyner and Pange Oberg met and started to make music together. Irya had toured around the world, been part of founding Circus Cirkor and was fronting the band Urga. Pange had also many years in the music business as a concert promoter, booker and manager. They both talk with Annika about music, about the temporary cooperation with Circus Cirkör which became three years of touring and why they often get the question, “You should write a book!”

A book has not yet been written, but a new album “The Pain of Letting Go”