EP release October 24 2007!

Irya will finally release her new EP “The Basement Takes From Textilgatan 7” on her own label Byker Wall together with Universal Music.

“The Basement Takes From Textilgatan 7” is a pun between Bob Dylan’s world and the basement in Stockholm where we actually recorded the songs.
Most of the songs are taken from the very first demo sessions. We kept everything that we thought had the right expression and feeling and then we played around with it and added sounds and whatever we thought was necessary.
The basement Takes, is mixed by Ebbot Lundberg (from The Soundtrack Of Our Lives). Other friends and great musicians that have been part of creating the songs is: Conny Nimmersjö & Jonas Jonasson (Bob Hund), Martin Hederos & Ebbot Lundberg (T.S.O.O.L), Stefan Axelsen & Anders Hernestam (Weeping Willows), Bebe Risenfors (Tom Waits/Elvis Costello), Svante Loden & Måns Mernsten (Damn!/Timbuktu), Erik Nilsson & Jon Bergström among others.