Now you'll be introduced to Irya's Playground

I was introduced to IRYA’S PLAYGROUND at such an incredible performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM.) called, “INSIDE OUT” (we’ll be talking more and more about this show!)

Irya and of course the whole band did such a great job! Now you’ll be introduced to Irya’s Playground just right here …


“I came by to say goodbye,
Afraid of all I want to keep

I change position a hundred times,
So my dreams won’t fall asleep.”

*    *
“Well my thoughts won’t be confined
In my spinning mind

The radio leaks from the local store
Another sleepless night in room 54.”

*    *
“The tiny speakers blare in the morning train
Lost in the details i went many miles in vain

We all thought we would do things that we never done
We all have done things we never thought we would do!”


tuned …stay tuned … tuned ..