A memory I shall keep for years to come.

Inside Out
Peacock Theatre London
19 October 2009

Irya’s Playground music makes a straight and vital soundtrack. It fits like nothing else.

This clip sums up one of my favourite moments, when the band 
plays the song “My angel” as one of the guys spins in circles inside 
a hoop with the same intensity of the singers voice and the drums…
 A memory I shall keep for years to come. For those of you who ever
 thought of running away with the circus, this is definitely the one 
to run away with…

I loved when they performed the song “Yours until tomorrow” 
as the acrobats did their piruettes up in the air… it was simply
… magical. You can listen to it here

Here is the song of the day, also by IRYA’S PLAYGROUND: