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Irya Gmeyner

Hello world!

This blog will be dedicated to all you music lovers out there.
Each week I will post a blog about an artist I have come across and who has blown me away.

This week for the first entry, I am travelling all the way to Sweden to tell you about Irya Gmeyner ( & (

She started off in a band called Urga which musical genre was closer to punk & ska though you could already hear some pop melodies. (

Now her musical genre is more pop rock. The melodies are enchanting, the lyrics beautiful. The whole project is very catchy!

She has recorded her first EP with some of the best swedish musicians (from T.S.O.O.L to weeping willows), mixed by Mr Lundberg himself from Soundtrack of our lives (a few years ago, Noel Gallagher supported this band as being one of the best of our times).

So you can all imagine the quality of this first EP.

All that is left to say, is go and listen, buy, download, stream whatever you like doing, but go check her out!