Irya’s Playground on worl tour!

The band´s collaboration with Cirkus Cirkör has become an international success! Irya’s Playground, began yet another extensive world tour with Cirkus Cirkör starting in Tampere Finland on August 7 2009. The performance called “Inside Out” has been a sold out success!

Irya’s Playground is the live band in the performance of Inside Out. They have used a large portion of the music from the debut album “Irya’s Playground” in the show and are one of the key ingredients to why the show has recieved such rave reviews. The album reached a Top 5 position on the Swedish album charts! Reviews have been unanimously overwhelming and the debut has reached wide spread recognition in native Sweden.
A run of 58 shows will be performed this autumn in a total of eight cities, including Moscow, London and New York and will continue to tour throughout all of 2010. Not only will Irya’s Playground perform with Inside Out, but in most cities on the tour you can see Irya’s Playground play additional shows where they will headline at clubs in conjunction with the Cirkus Cirkör performance.